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Nava - Gravity Rising (Franzis-D Remix) JOVONN - Party in my House Diego Barrera - M.A.N.A.F (Renzo Zong Remix) XXXTentacion - Changed (DM Remix) Ray Martinez - Underground Jack (DJ Threejay Mix) The Hashtags - L'Amour Toujours (Starjack Remix) Russell Small & DNO P - When Somebody (Extended Mix) Fred Pellichero - Overlord (Extended Mix) IMGFriend - Falling (Original Instrumental Mix) Deivi Coa - Fusion and Play (Original Mix) SNAP! - Rhythm Is a Dancer (Notches Remix) HP Vince & Dave Leatherman - Burning Up (Original Mix) Korius - Cant You Hear (Original Mix) Earth Boys - Roll it Back Vadim Kasse & Parebrick - 19 (Kirill Zaretzki Remix) Steffen Gruber - Way Out (Spec X Remix) Daniel Sun - Celestial Sea (Original Mix) Mike Rogers - Get To Me Monoteq, Vicent Ballester - It's Like That (Original Mix) Misha - The Groove (Original Mix) Seb Retoh - All good (Original mix) Earth Boys - Play at Dawn HOLY WATERS - Amsterdam (Club Mix) JOVONN - Affection OMNIS - Visible Soul Anton Powers - Thinking About You (Sean Sines Remix) Brymonty - Yuls (Original Mix) Groovethentic, Dual Personality - Karma (Original mix) Adrian Scarlett - Move it (Original Mix) MBNN feat Moonessa - They Say (Extended Mix) Subalpine - Paradise (Meloder Remix) Oliver Gruen - Arpeggio For The Devil (Original Mix) Valentin Ilie - Exit (Original Mix) D & M - It's All The Same (Timeless Mix) Magnuss - What You Want (Extended Mix) Marea Neagra - Caminos (Monje Remix) Tony Scaddan - Givin Yall (Original Mix) Jekkie - Lonely (Ferjo De Gery Remix) Katie Otro - Look (Original Mix) Tomy Wahl - Calmdown (Who Else Remix)